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Growth and Signups

Waiters can sign up for your product and share their link with friends. Reward them for successful referrals.

We've received quite a few sign ups (>2k) to the Beyond waiting list already, so we've migrated it over from Airtable to @WaitlistAPI can jump the queue by referring others

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API and No Code Options

Integrate with our simple one-endpoint API or use our no-code tools*. We support Webflow, Squarespace, Zapier, and more. (* use no-code for waitlists and campaigns only).

Just integrated @WaitlistAPI to a website I’m about to launch. Took less than 10 minutes and everything works perfectly. Love its simplicity and the referral functionality built-in.

Inbox waiter interface

Dashboard and Analytics

Manage signups, referrals, rewards, integrations, and more, all from one dashboard. Explore your data and get to know your customers.

I'm using @WaitlistAPI to manage @hera_hq waitlist and it's great: [...] You get a dashboard where you can track the nb of sign ups, nb of people referred etc.

- Louise, Hera
Inbox waiter interface

Save engineering hours

Avoic putting two engineers on a six-week project to build your own system. Get started with us in minutes with either API and no-code tools

Consolidate campaigns

Running multiple referral campaigns? Use our dashboard to consolidate data on users and conversions.

Grow faster

Did you know that customers referred by a friend are four times more likely to buy? With us, you incentivize your users to help you grow.

We love Waitlist! The implemetation process is easier than Viral Loops and Prefinery, including customizability with simple CSS and a team who are incredibly helpful and understanding throughout our process. It's just a great product with an amazing team!

Emma Smith
CEO, Jefa


Whether you integrate our API or our no-code widget, it takes only a few minutes to get started.

API First

Our well-documented API is quick and easy to integrate. Highly flexible so you can add on your custom logic.

No Code Options

Just copy-paste 10 lines of code from us to go live as quickly as possible on Webflow, Squarespace, and more.


Configure your Waitlist colors, branding, survey questions, callbacks, and more. Add custom branding.

Easy Rewards

Build in gamification and reward your most loyal customers. Connect to any internal reward system.


We dashboard surfaces rich insights about your users, referral channels, survey answers, and more.


Zapier, Wix, Carrd, and so on: we have made it super easy to integrate Waitlists with your tools and workflows.

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